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Bad Boy Cycles
Bad Boy Cycles

Bad Boy Cycles  About Bad Boy Cycles

Bad Boy Cycles, we want to offer the enjoyment of the electric bike experience. Pedal, and throttle. Something that provides comfort, appealing with it;s unique style, and saves you a gas bill with a low voltage charging station included. Simple for all, better for the air!

Feels like a Win, Win, Here! – Are you in yet?!

Bad Boy Cycles  Choose Electric

Bad Boy Cycles is taking the traditional biking experience to future efficiency, combined with assisted speed and new levels of fun!


Conquer New Trails


All Electric


All Terrian


Pedal Assist


Twist Throttle Modes


Max Speed 25+ MPH


30-40 Miles Range


Front Suspension Fork

Bad Boy Cycles

Bad Boy Cycles  Our Products

Bad Boy Cycles currently offers 2 Killer Models. The Badster and the Blazer. These Bada** models come in your choice of 3 colors offered. All Fierce, yet all accommodable to tasteful eyes! Did we Mention 4 inch wheels, so your terrain options can vary – Pretty Cool, huh?!

Bad Boy Cycle

Desert Sand

Tatical Black

Army Green

Bad Boy Cycles  Testimonials

Lots of Fun!!!

First let me start off by saying, This is my first e-bike (I bought 2, 1 for the wife and other for me), and they do meet my expectations. They were easy to put together as 90% of the bike comes pre built from the factory. They have simple to follow instructions, and all parts are contained together in a nicely packaged box, (With the Tools).

I’m not a small person by any means, 250 lbs and this bike has decant get up and go and with pedal assist i can get 25mph out of it. It doesn’t struggle on uphills.

The electronics package is nice, and battery seems to last a very long time on a single charge. My only wish / issue with the light package is there are no turn signals. A simple switch that activated 1/2 the rear brake light for left or right would not be hard or costly at all to implement, and would add a good safety feature to the bike.

Over all the wife and I are happy with the bikes with many miles on them already in just a few days!

Jeff K

Love this Bike!

I bought this bike May 2022, Love, love, love this bike. It’s such fun to ride. It seems to go forever on a single charge. I do pedal when riding. Don’t know how far it would go if I just used power. I get compliments everywhere I go.

Lisa S

A Hoot to Ride.

I just had a chance to give this bike a spin on the last October. It has been a while since I have ridden a bicycle (10+ years) and I am 70+, male and live in Florida. My wife and I wanted to have bicycles that were easy to ride but gave us the eBike option to get home if we wandered quite far. I assembled it two weeks ago…. pretty simple stuff. It arrived in perfect condition as the packing was flawless. So, I started with just the bicycle and rode it for about a mile getting used to the derailleur system again.  after getting used to the shifting, I then went to the lowest pedal assist setting of “1” and was amazed at the boost. I had a route through our community where there was little traffic and no obstructions. I then advance to “2” and then to “3”. I tested without peddling and could get to 22 mph without peddling. The first outing was a success and I put a little over 10 miles on it in no time. I tested the braking and it was smooth and sure. Lights, horn, display backlight…. everything. This baby was a keeper. The quality of the frame welding was very good having done welding some in my past customizing cars. The fat tires and suspension made for a smooth ride. I bought the front basket to carry items home from the grocery. The car will stay in the garage a lot now!

Greg W

Bad Boy Cycles 

Are You In Yet?!

Leave the GAS in the past, choose ELECTRIC!

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